Nissan Patrol, Ford Maverick

1988-1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Nissan Patrol and Ford Maverik
+ Cars of the Nissan Patrol and Ford Maverick series
+ Diagnostics of malfunctions
+ Settings and routine maintenance
+ Engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating and air conditioning
+ the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
+ Systems of decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
+ Systems of electric equipment of the engine
- Transmission
   + Manual box of gear shifting (RKPP)
   + Automatic transmission
   + Transfer case
   - Driveshafts
      Removal and installation
      Replacement of kardanny hinges
+ Coupling
+ Brake system
+ Forward and back bridges, running gear and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment

Replacement of kardanny hinges

Service of kardanny hinges is made in a complex. Remnabor includes a crosspiece, four needle roller bearings with cups, epiploons and lock rings. Differently as it is not recommended to make dismantling of kardanny hinges for replacement of components.

Do not clamp a sleeve of the driveshaft or the coupling of a sliding joint too hardly in a vice in order to avoid irreversible deformation of covers.


    Remove the driveshaft from the car. Mark the adjusting provision of a sliding joint and the flange holder of a crosspiece in relation to a shaft body. Separate from a shaft a sliding half. Remove from the kardanny hinge the lubricant union (if that is established). By means of pair of screw-drivers and a hammer take lock rings of cups of bearings in holders of a crosspiece.
    Clamp a sharnirny part of a shaft in a vice, having enclosed replaceable heads, on the one hand with external diameter it is slightly less than cup ø, with another - with internal is slightly more than diameter of cup (see an accompanying illustration).
    Squeeze out a cup of the holder until the crosspiece will not rest against a wall of the last. Take out a shaft from a vice and take the squeezed-out cup and rollers of the needle bearing from the holder. Again clamp a shaft in a vice and wring out a crosspiece in an opposite direction. Take out a shaft from a vice and remove a cup and rollers of the opposite needle bearing. Remove from a shaft a sliding half or a flange. Repeat procedures of the last five paragraphs (for a sliding half of a shaft or for a flange), having finished thereby dismantling of hinges (components of the kardanny hinge are shown on an accompanying illustration).
1 — needle roller bearings
2 — the holder of a crosspiece equipped with a flange
3 — lock rings
4 — the holder of a crosspiece from a shaft
    Clean openings in brackets of holders, having removed from their edges and walls any agnails and roughnesses. Grease rollers and cups of bearings with universal greasing. Partially fill a cup of one of bearings in corresponding the holder. Establish in the holder a new crosspiece, then fill a cup from the opposite side. Clamp the holder in a vice, pressing in it cups of bearings, at the same time watching, that rollers of bearings did not drop out. By means of a replaceable face head on diameter slightly less cup drown one of cups in the holder before complete opening of a flute under installation of a lock ring. The same do with an opposite cup. Establish lock rings, check axial люфт crosspieces - it should not exceed 0.02 mm.

The difference in thickness of opposite lock rings should not exceed 0.06 mm. In case of need center the provision of a crosspiece and cups of bearings.

    To Obstuchita a crosspiece a hammer for a gap choice between the holder and a lock ring also make sure that axial люфт a crosspiece does not exceed 0.02 mm.
    Make sure of freedom of rotation of the hinge in all directions. If the hinge rotates a little hardly, establish the driveshaft in a vice and slightly обстучите holders of a crosspiece a hammer, achieving centering of bearings (see an accompanying illustration).
    Repeat procedures of the last eight paragraphs for the opposite hinge of a shaft. Establish a shaft on the car.